World Politics Review is excited to announce the launch of the WPR International Reporting Fellowship to support long-form journalism on international affairs and global developments. The fellowship will fund projects proposed by experienced journalists with a track record of delivering powerful, engaging stories, in order to complement the analysis of critical global trends WPR already publishes with compelling on-the-ground reporting.

Journalists applying for the fellowship should have confidence, based on informed knowledge and the necessary sources, that they will be able to file a report that will make news. The articles we’re looking for will generate excitement by revealing previously unknown activity, exposing wrongdoing, or providing important ground-level reporting to illustrate local and global trends. In addition to reporting news, they will provide context, by examining the ethical challenges, dangers and implications raised by the subject they examine.

The three-month fellowship includes a $2,000 publication fee for an article or articles that will total at least 4,000 words, for exclusive publication by WPR. It will also cover a reporting budget to be submitted by the candidate.

Interested candidates should send a resumé and a brief description of your proposed project to fellowship@worldpoliticsreview.com. We will follow up promptly with those candidates from whom we are interested in hearing more.

Topic Areas

The following subject areas lend themselves to the kinds of stories we are seeking, but we will also consider proposals that focus on other compelling topics:

  • Cybersecurity, surveillance and hacking
  • Radicalization
  • Big Tech and geopolitics
  • U.N. mission malfeasance
  • Arms suppliers and mercenary movements
  • Social and environmental impact of resource extraction and mining
  • Corruption 

WPR International Reporting Fellowship

Send your resumé and a brief description of your proposed project to fellowship@worldpoliticsreview.com. We will follow up promptly with those applicants from whom we would like to hear more.