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  • Insightful analysis is written by a network of leading analysts, journalists and scholars.
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Praise for World Politics Review

"A 'pol-mil' version of The Economist."
Thomas P.M. Barnett
bestselling author of "Great Powers: America and the World After Bush,"
and "The Pentagon's New Map."

 "The internet has long needed a global news and analysis site of pure substance -- WPR is it."
Parag Khanna
Director, Global Governance Initiative, and
senior research fellow, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation.
Author of "The Second World: Empires and Influence in the New Global Order."

World Politics Review's "diverse range of contributors eschew
partisan propaganda but not
insightful analysis.”

Richard Weitz
senior fellow and director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis, the Hudson Institute; non-resident senior fellow, Center for a New American Security.

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World Politics Review seeks contributors to submit ideas and drafts for the following article formats:

Briefings (See recent examples)

On our Web site, we publish daily news, analysis and opinion “briefings” concerning issues of current importance. We especially seek articles that would be of interest and importance for U.S and Western policymakers. These briefings are generally 850-950 words in length. These articles should look beyond the basic facts to offer our readers context and insight. Briefings can contain opinions but should not be shrill or strident in tone.

Briefings should be written so that they will last for at least one week. We try to publish timely articles as soon as possible, but publication may not occur for several days.

Feature Articles (See recent examples)

We publish features every two weeks. Each feature consists of three 2,500-4,000-word in-depth analyses organized around a single subject or theme. Typically, we commission these articles directly from writers, but compelling unsolicited submissions will be considered.

Strategic Posture Reviews (See recent examples)

We publish Strategic Posture Review every two months. Strategic Posture Review are 5,000-word examinations of the foreign and defense policies of individual countries.

World Politics Review publishes original information and analysis on international affairs. Since 2006, we have published the work of hundreds of expert contributors around the world.

We regularly seek new contributors who wish to have their work read by an international audience of foreign affairs professionals, students, and others who rely on WPR for thoughtful, non-partisan, insightful analysis of the most pressing international issues of the day.

Continue reading below for our contributor guidelines. Our editors can be reached at

Payment and Contract Terms:

Our standard honorarium for briefings is $200. Rates for feature articles and Strategic Posture Reviews are individually negotiated. Payments will generally be made, subject to the provision of required information by the contributor, within one month of publication. Contributors also receive a complimentary six-month subscription to World Politics Review.
Contributors should be aware that World Politics Review is a subscription-based Web site and accessibility of articles to non-subscribers is limited, though WPR works with contributors to accommodate their own access needs. All articles will be published by World Politics Review exclusively.
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